This was made May 21st and there's SO much I still need to do. Please be patient :)
If you're wondering why there isn't much notes, I restarted my Obsidian vault.

Who am I?

Inspired by Derek Sivers' homepage, here's me in different depths:

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I help people pursue digital self-actualization: the art of creating a meaningful life through productivity systems, digital tools, and high-performance mindsets to achieve your full potential 🌌


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See my About me page (in progress)

Where am I??

What you're on right now is a digital garden !

It's my little corner of the internet (see The importance of digital gardens in metric-driven social media) where I publicly share my notes related to what I'm doing, what content I'm consuming, etc.

The structure of this website is based off of my Ultimate Starter Vault, which has been the culmination of all of my learnings in personal knowledge management and productivity.

Keep in mind, these notes are meant for personal use first, not for display. If you want things of display, you can check my outputs like my newsletter, Twitter, and YouTube channel ;)

Instead, some ideas will be unfinished, or some inputs will be unprocessed, as hinted by the tags in the Status field of the note.

How do I navigate this vault?

Digital gardens are websites organized by bi-directional links instead of by time or alphabetical order.

This means that rigid structures are not the main form of organization - you explore notes by hopping between links,Β Maps of Content (MOCs), and a limited folder system using your curiosity as your north star.

How do I make my own?

I edit this using Obsidian, a note-taking software that I use for my Second Brain. You can start using the app by downloading my free templates and taking my 4-day email course here.

To host my notes, I use the Obsidian Digital Garden Plugin .

I would use Obsidian Publish, but the problem with it is some plugins that I use a lot like Dataview don't work properly (which is an integral part of my note organization).

I'm interested in your notes and what you're doing, but I don't want to have to manually revisit you...

If only I had a free newsletter where I could force feed you the cooler resources I consumed, notes I took, and things I did throughout the week...

If you do want to stalk me though, hopefully the below can help make it easier ^^

Launching points

It might be a lot to navigate, so here's different types of notes you might be interested in checking


πŸ“€ My Outputs

Note Types in the vault