> [!INFO]+ What is the USV? > My highly-opinionated, ready-to-use [[Obsidian]] setup for [[Personal Knowledge Management]], [[Productivity]], and [[Life Design]] 😅 > > This is the foundational structure of [[My Digital Galaxy]], crafted through my 1000+ hours researching and experimenting with the above 3 fields across various [[#inspirations]]. > [!ABSTRACT]+ Learn more > You can learn more and purchase the full experience at the official [landing page](https://shop.johnmavrick.com/usv). > > For transparency on what is inside, I've shared an overview of the philosophies, systems, and workflows inside in [[USV Documentation]]. ## Notes > [!WARNING]+ Workflow explanations > If you have purchased the USV or want to better understand its design to see if it fits your needs, you can head to [[USV Documentation]] for the updated documentation 🤩 ### Inspirations This was built upon influential PKM, productivity, and life design resources like: - [[Building a Second Brain]] by [[Tiago Forte]] - [[Second Brain]] - [[CODE Method]] - [[PARA Method]] - [[High performance Habits]] by [[Brendon Burchard]] - The journals and metrics I track in [[My daily note workflow]] and [[Weekly Reviews]] - [[How To Take Smart Notes]] by Sönke Ahrens - [[Zettelkasten]] - [[Conceptual notes]] - [[My Inputs/My Books/Getting Things Done|Getting Things Done]] by [[David Allen]] - [[Getting Things Done Task Process]] - [[Tasks]] - [[My Inputs/My Books/Slow Productivity|Slow Productivity]] by [[Cal Newport]] - [[Periodic reviews]] to promote [[Attention-centred productivity]] - [[Linking Your Thinking]] by [[My Prominent People/Nick Milo|Nick Milo]] - [[Maps of Content (MOC)]] - [[Note-making]] - [[Pipelines Pillars Vaults]] by [[August Bradley]] - [[My Alignment Philosophy]] I decided to create my own highly opinionated system to integrate the different benefits and use-cases into one, [[My Digital Galaxy]] 🌌 ## Tasks - [ ] Plan out new advertising in landing page ## Questions ### Why is this a paid product I resonate with the idea of [[Give the solution, sell the implementation]]. This system could not have been possible without the ideas from the books I took inspiration from, so I don't think it's fair to paywall information. I want to contribute to this [[Collective learning pursuit]] by also making things as accessible as possible to promote [[Learning in public]], which is why I've shared my notes in [[USV Documentation]]. And so, I'm charging for my personal implementation of these principles in a ready-to-use package to help people set up the same systems in a fraction of the time. This comes with additional support and setup guidelines to personalize it to your needs, which would not be possible to give to everyone if I were to offer it for free. Your support helps me continue focusing on [[Why I create]] :) ## Queries ### Projects ```dataview table Deadline FROM #project AND [[]] AND !"Hidden" SORT Deadline asc ``` ### Inputs ```dataview table Status, Author FROM #input AND [[]] AND !"Hidden" SORT file.mtime desc ``` ### Other Notes ```dataview table Created FROM [[]] AND !#project AND !#input AND !"Hidden" SORT file.mtime desc ```