> [!WARNING] Notice > This is still in progress, so feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or unanswered questions by reaching out on Discord or email 😊 > [!question]- What is in here vs the paid product? > What is in this documentation is: > - The **4-module roadmap** for understanding the USV > - [[#Philosophy]] of the USV > - [[#Glossary]] for the types of notes inside > - Up-to-date [[#Workflows]] > - Video examples showcasing how I use it > - Connections with other notes in [[My Digital Galaxy]] to help you with further resources and understanding > - (Upcoming) [[Excalidraw Plugin]] diagrams to map the systems and processes inside the vault > > What is part of the paid experience is: > - The **ready-to-use vault** itself (settings, templates, plugins, notes) > - **In-progress** page showing updates and behind-the-scenes explaining how new changes are implemented > - **Priority support** via exclusive Discord community channel and email > - (Upcoming) More thorough video examples of vault usage and walkthroughs depending on request > [!DANGER]+ Why not put this in the vault? > > 1. My goal is to eventually make this as accessible as possible, so having the documentation here helps gives a chance for people who cannot financially afford it but are willing to learn and piece together their own system. I am grateful you are helping support not only me, but this [[Collective learning pursuit]] 😊 > 2. Keeping track of the same note in two different vaults becomes confusing when you have hundreds of them 😅 > 3. Combining the workflows with my personal notes helps you understand my own definitions more > 4. You can now get updated workflows without having to wait for a new vault release! ## Documentation Loosely modelled on [[Digital Self-Actualization#How]], the three main types of documentation notes: ### Philosophy [[USV Philosophy]], the key principles and systems ### Glossary [[USV Glossary]], explaining the different types of notes in the vault ### Workflows [[USV Workflows]], practical explanations and steps on using the vault ## Roadmap This is my recommendation for learning how to learn and set up the vault: - [[USV Module - Learn the vault philosophy]] - Explaining the holistic overview of the three key parts of the vault + any underlying principles - [[USV Module - Learn Obsidian]] - The key features and plugins part of the vault that make this system possible - (Inside the paid vault) - [[USV Module - Learn vault systems and workflows]] - How the three key pillars are manifested through the notes and workflows in the vault - [[USV Module - Set up the vault]] - A checklist guide to setting up the vault so you can start customizing and using it ## Benefits This outline is based on the ones mentioned in the landing page: ### Capture ideas that matter - **Quickly take notes** from any source using context-specific templates (ex. media, meetings, etc.) - [[Creating new notes]] - [[Capturing information]] - **Remember what you consume** by integrating highlighting apps like [[Readwise Reader]] or [[Fleeting Notes App]] - **Let your ideas grow** by turning them into [[Conceptual notes]] - [[Note-making]] - **Make time and space for understanding yourself through** by recording [[Moments]], [[Reflection|Reflections]], and musings #### Related - [[PARA Method Lead Magnet - Capture]] ### Knowledge Management - [ ] Todo ### Get things done - Seamlessly integrate your knowledge through - Have your projects and task management systems **seamlessly integrated with your knowledge inside Obsidian** - **Plan your goals and keep track of related notes or information** using dashboards and [[View notes|custom views]] - **See your tasks when you need to do them** using customizable [[Tasks Plugin#Queries|queries]] and [[Kanban Board|kanban boards]] - **Streamline your productivity with the [[Getting Things Done]] philosophy** through different implemented task views and workflows - (Optional) **Allow for better 3rd party task management integrations to [[Google Calendar]], [[Notion]], etc.,** by using [[Todoist]] as your main task database ### Customizable bullet journaling - Stay aligned with your goals by viewing your [[Vision Board]] - **Plan your day** using [[High Performance]] prompts and seeing today's [[Tasks]] - **Remember [[Habits]]** by automatically generating recurring tasks - **Explore your thoughts and feelings** using reflective journaling prompts - **Measure your life** by keeping track of habits and statistics - [[My tracking workflows]] ### Advanced periodic reviews + planners - ‍**Establish different levels of projects and goals** for various timeframes using [[My Alignment Philosophy]] - **Reflect and plan weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly** using [[Periodic reviews]] - **Consistently seek improvement and identify bottlenecks** through elaborate [[Reflection]] in your [[Periodic reviews]] - **Track habits and visualize progress** using graphs, summary, and calendar views - [[My tracking workflows]] ### BONUS: Integrate AI into your Second Brain - **Turn the internet into your personal assistant** by adding ChatGPT inside Obsidian - [[AI in Obsidian]] - **Ask your notes anything** to retrieve the most relevant information in your vault no matter how old using Smart Chat - [[Smart Connections Plugin#Chat View]] - **Make connections beyond human capability** by letting AI categorize and compare your notes across 1536 dimensions - [[Smart Connections Plugin#Relatedness View]] ## For me [[My USV Meta-Documentation]]